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Why Choose Wood Fence?

Wood Fences provide a rustic and traditional look. Cedar fences can be stained, sealed, or painted to various colors and appearances. Behl Fence uses and recommends cedar fence for use in picket and privacy fences. We do not recommend pressure treated fence as it is not a stable wood and tends to twist and warp shortly after installation. We custom build, also known as stick build, each fence board by board, picket by picket, to match your fence to your yard. 

Cedar vs. Pressure Treated

Behl Fence recommends cedar and only cedar for residential fences. The oils in cedar fence are naturally rot and insect resistant. In addition, cedar is a very stable wood and does not twist or warp when going through changes in moisture and temperature. Although a bit cheaper, pressure treated lumber has to be treated with poisonous chemicals to prevent rot and insect infestation. In addition, pressure treated pine is highly susceptible to twisting and warping due to weather and moisture changes.

Postmaster Steel Posts vs Wood Posts

Although we are happy to use whatever posts you desire, we highly recommend checking out our concealed steel posts. 

Cedar Privacy


Cedar Picket

Cedar privacy fence is an excellent option for a privacy fence. Beautiful when constructed, this fence will look wonderful as it ages and provides excellent privacy. We build our cedar privacy fences on site, piece by piece instead of using poorly constructed pre-fabricated panels. 

Our cedar privacy fences are available in 4', 5', 6', and 8'. This fence uses 4"x4" rough sawn cedar or steel posts and 2"x4" rough sawn cedar rail.  aluminum nails to prevent streaking caused by galvanized nails. 

Our cedar picket fences provide aesthetic beauty, serve as barriers, and are excellent at containing pets and children. We build our cedar picket fences on site, piece by piece. 

Our cedar picket fences are available in 3', 4', 5', and 6' heights. This fence uses 4"x4" rough sawn cedar or steel posts and 2"x4" rough sawn cedar rail. we can use a variety of pickets to fit your design needs. By building our fences on site, we can build about any combination of picket, design, and spacing that you desire. The pictures below are a few common examples. 

Dog Ear - Best Value


French Gothic



Please see the pictures below for more examples of our cedar fences.

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