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We offer many different styles of fence for your horses, sheep, goats, cattle, or other livestock needs. Have another fence in mind that is not shown below? Please let us know as we likely install that too! Please see the bottom of the page for frequently asked questions.

For fences with wood posts, we recommend pounding them. For more information

Vinyl 3 Rail Fence - Behl Fence Wisconsin
Electrobraid Horse Fence - Behl Fence Wisconsin
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Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible Rail Horse Fence - Behl Fence Installation Wisconsin

Vinyl Rail

Vinyl rail fence is an excellent and visually appealing solution to fence in your horses, or livestock. Vinyl fences will not blister, fade, warp, or deteriorate and have a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Although not the most cost effective fence, a vinyl rail fence is maintenance free and will last a lifetime. Vinyl Rail is offered in white and tan and in 2, 3, and 4 rail. Depending on the animal, you may want to use a strand of electric wire.

Wood Rail

Wood rail fences are a traditional method to fence in horses and other livestock. We typically use 5" round posts and full 1"x6"x16' rough sawn oak boards. Oak boards are superior to pressure treated boards because they are less likely to twist and warp and are free of chemicals if your horse likes to crib on fence boards. Wood rail fences can be painted or left as is for a weathered look. Wood rail fences are offered in 3 or 4 rail. For additional security or predator control we can attach woven wire to this fence to create an impenetrable fence.


Electrobraid is an electric fence with copper wires woven into a polymer rope. Electrobraid is a very safe solution to fence in your horses or other livestock. Electrobraid can be installed in a 3, 4, 5, or 6 strand fence. Electrobraid is one of our most cost efficient fences. This fence can use 4"x4" square posts or 4" or 5" round pressure treated posts.

Polymer Coated Wire

Polymer coated wire is cost efficient and safe way to fence in your horses. This wire design coats high tensile wire with polymer to add a visual and safety barrier for your horses. Polymer coated wire is available in 3, 4, 5, or 6 strand fence. Posts are pressure treated and can be 4"x4" square posts or 4" or 5" round posts.

Field Fence Woven Wire

Field fence or woven is an excellent solution for fencing all types of animals and serves as a great physical barrier to keep predators out. Field fence can be installed in many different wire gauges (thicknesses) and opening sizes. In addition, field fence can be installed with a top or vertical rails to give a more traditional horse fence look. Field fence can be installed with 4"x4", round, or t-posts.

Cedar Round Rail

Cedar round rail is a traditional and rustic looking fence. In addition, it creates a great physical barrier for your horses and larger livestock. We can also install cedar split rail fences.

Flexible Rail

Flexible Rail Fence is a very safe and secure fence for horses and livestock. Flexible rail provides a great visual barrier and will flex when an animal comes into contact with it protecting both the animal and the fence. Flexible rail fence can be installed in 2, 3, and 4 rail options and can use square or round treated posts.

What is the cheapest way to safely fence in my horses? Typically, polymer rope (Electrobraid) or electric tape are the most cost efficient methods to fence in horses.

Can you use high tensile wire as a horse fence? High tensile wire is not recommended for horses because of the low visibility of high tensile wire.

How do you charge for installation? We charge by the linear foot.

How many feet would it be to fence in my 9 acres? The length the fence in a certain amount of acres can vary by the layout of the acres. A pasture that is a square is more efficient to fence than a rectangle. The length of the side of a square acre is 209ft. To fence 9 square acres would be close to 2,500 feet.