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For fences with wood posts, we recommend pounding them. For more information

Vinyl 3 Rail Fence - Behl Fence Wisconsin

Vinyl Rail

Vinyl rail fence is an excellent and visually appealing solution to fence in your horses, or livestock. Vinyl fences will not blister, fade, warp, or deteriorate and have a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Although not the most cost effective fence, a vinyl rail fence is maintenance free and will last a lifetime. Vinyl Rail is offered in white and tan and in 2, 3, and 4 rail. Depending on the animal, you may want to use a strand of electric wire.

Wood Rail

Wood rail fences are a traditional method to fence in horses and other livestock. We typically use 5" round posts and full 1"x6"x16' rough sawn oak boards. Oak boards are superior to pressure treated boards because they are less likely to twist and warp and are free of chemicals if your horse likes to crib on fence boards. Wood rail fences can be painted or left as is for a weathered look. Wood rail fences are offered in 3 or 4 rail. For additional security or predator control we can attach woven wire to this fence to create an impenetrable fence.