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Postmaster Uncapped.jpg
Postmaster Capped.jpg

Postmaster Steel Posts

Rot and decay have taken their toll on many wood fences. In our experience, the first part of a wood fence to rot out is the wood post, right at ground level while the rest of the fence could provide many more years of use. Ground level is where the post has the unique exposure to moisture, oxygen, insects and microbes. To vastly increase the life of your fence, the Postmaster was designed. The steel post has been specifically designed to blend into fences with it's unique shape and ability to be "capped" by a faceboard. Unlike previous attempts at using steel posts with exposed round posts and clamps, the Postmaster virtually hides itself within the fence.

Both of these fences have been built with the concealed Postmaster post


Although not typically noticed, the Postmaster can be detected from an extreme angle

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